Meet Our Team

About Emese

Emese Domahidi is a professor in Communication Science, especially Computational Communication Science, at Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany. Her research focuses on developing, applying, and evaluating CCS methods. She is particularly interested in studying digital media use, its content, and how this affects individuals and society. Her research explores areas such as the influence of antidemocratic actors and alternative media in digital spaces, gender biases in digital media, and the impact of digital media use on well-being and social interactions, including human-machine communication.


As one of the podcast hosts of the CCSpod, Emese enjoys the chance to connect with CCS scholars globally. She is enthusiastic about sharing new perspectives on the field and engaging in discussions about urgent and important topics with these experts.

Photo: AnLi
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About Mario

Mario Haim is a professor in Communication Science, especially Computational Communication Research, at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich, Germany. His research interests circle around algorithmic influences on society, such as in political communication, in journalism, in health communication, or in news use. Mario also focuses on developing, applying, and evaluating new and established CCS methods and is also keen on sharing these methods with others. Recently, his textbook Computational Communication Science (2023) has been published. 


As one of the podcast hosts of the CCSpod, Mario loves to be confronted with new perspectives and to have the time to understand them. He is always eager to learn about new takes and topics and to discuss them with our international guests.

About Jana

Jana (she/her) is a PhD student based at the Computational Communication Lab at the University of Vienna, Austria, within the research project  “Digitize! Computational Social Sciences in the digital and social Transformation”.
Jana completed a double-degree MSc program in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University MERIT and the University of Maastricht in the field of risk communication. She also completed the Research Master Communication Science (MSc) at the University of Vienna.

About her Research

Jana’s research interests revolve around the multifaceted realm of political communication and computerized text analyses. With a primary emphasis on ensuring the validity of computational text analysis methods, she specializes in areas such as topic modeling and word embeddings and writes her dissertation on the importance and impact of validation within the realm of computational text analysis.