What is it about Computational Communication Science

by Emese Domahidi, Mario Haim, & Jana Bernhard

OUR Podcast

Exploring CCS

Join Emese Domahidi, Mario Haim, and Jana Bernhard as they explore the world of Computational Communication Science (CCS) and the impact of big data and algorithms on society, one question or one study at a time, in this engaging podcast.


As "big data" and "algorithms" affect our daily communication, lots of new research questions arise at the intersection between societies and technologies. The growing field of Computational Communication Science (CCS) takes on a combinatory perspective between social and computer science. In this podcast, we explore this intersection, one guest and one question at a time.


With studies from the field of Computational Communication Science (CCS) becoming more and more complex, we take a step back and dismantle this complexity together. In the #aBitOfCCS podcast, we focus on a single study per episode and offer brief heads-ups alongside methodological deep dives together with the original study authors.